Intimacy - it’s become a hot word in worship today around the world; it’s almost a fad among people making worship recordings. But what is real intimacy that is not just a trend?

At it’s simplest, intimacy in worship means that we express our devotion, usually through singing to God. For some of us, singing intimate ’first person’ songs to God has become very common, but if we look back a few years, we remember that it wasn’t always so. For most of my life, I remember singing songs in church about God, or singing songs that were exhortations to live better.

But what I was hungry for, even as a boy, was to communicate directly with my Maker. I wanted to sing to God. I wanted to reveal my heart to God and I wanted Him to reveal His heart to me. I can remember many times when the song leader would start "preaching" to me, trying to get me "into it." Inside I cried out, "Where can I go and meet with God?" In the summer of 85, I encountered corporate intimate worship for the first time at a John Wimber conference in Kansas City. The worship leader (Danny Daniels) simply stood up to the microphone and began to sing songs that helped me express my heart to God. It was so simple. And it was exactly what I was looking for.

Autor: Brian Doerksen


Update: 17.11.2000

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