Mike Pilavachi likes worship leaders. Some of them are his best friends. But sometimes friends have to be honest with each other… In this second part of the series Mike speak out about the ego.

If you feel a particular and specific calling to enter a time of prophetic singing, dancing or clapping, I'd suggest that you open your eyes at some stage to check that everyone else has not either left, fallen asleep, died or joined the Moonies.

We need to pursue the goal of accessible worship. Not to say that accessible worship is code for nice, sensible dull worship - just worship that doesn't' require a degree on the subject.

This is all common sense. Yet it's amazing how often, in our desire to go deeper, we forget the simple things that make worship work. The temptation, especially if you've been leading worship for a while, is to consider that familiarity equates a lack of creativity.

Instead of returning to the heart of worship, it's easy to subscribe to the idea that when things start to seem 'common', then it's up to the music to recapture the sense of wonder.

It may well turn out that it's the music which receives an adrenaline boost. But it is to Jesus that we should first turn, rededicating our worship back to him In all these things, there's one maxim I like to go by: KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Autor: Mike Pilavachi

Jahr: 2000

Update: 18.10.2010

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