STUART TOWNEND sets out what every team leader needs to know about PA systems.

In an ideal world, worship teams could remain blissfully ignorant of PA systems and how they work: you could just leave it to the sound guys, safe in the knowledge that your carefully crafted band sound is being faithfully and accurately carried to the ears of your congregation.

However, the reality is rather different. Underfunding in PA equipment often means you have to make compromise decisions in terms of sound quality, what instruments get amplified and what don't, and so on. In addition, most PA people are not experienced mix engineers, and may need your input in order to understand what kind of sound you are looking for. In practice, it's a partnership between band and sound team, and your role is crucial in getting the best out of both sides. (...)

Autor: Stuart Townend

Jahr: 2002

Update: 18.10.2010

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